1. The species treatments and essays are from:

The Birder's Handbook (Paul Ehrlich, David Dobkin,& Darryl Wheye, 1988)

and are presented with permission from Simon and Schuster, New York.

2. The initial Stanford Notes were compiled from data collected by participants in Biology 139, and from field observations provided by Dr. Steve Rottenborn and Stanford professors:

Thomas Grey
Lincoln Moses
Donald Kennedy
Michael Wald

3. The initial ecologically-instructive photographs and artwork were provided by:

Tony Angell
Thomas Quinn
Don R. Eckelberry
Edward Rooks
Lee Jayred
Darryl Wheye
Peter LaTourette
Julie Zickefoose

4. The species songs are presented with permission from the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, Ithaca, NY.

The species portraits and website were were produced by Darryl Wheye. Technical assistance was provided by the Academic Technology Lab, Academic Computing, Stanford University. Special thanks are extended to Makoto Tsuchitani, Victor Haseman, and Kim Hayworth (ATL).

The project was supported in part with funding from Peter Bing and the Stanford Alumni Association. It was sponsored by Donald Kennedy.

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