An international Conference on Stochastic Networks will be held July 19-24, 2004, at the Centre de Recherches Mathematiques associated with the Universite de Montreal. This week-long workshop will continue a tradition of similar meetings held at irregular intervals over the last 15 years or so, starting with the one organized by Tom Kurtz in Madison in 1987, continuing with conferences in Minneapolis and Edinburgh during the 1990's, then returning to Madison in 2000. The most recent such meeting was the 2002 meeting held at Stanford University . These meetings have brought together mathematicians and applied researchers who share an interest in stochastic network models.

Like its predecessors, the Montreal Stochastic Networks Conference (Sponsor: Centre de Recherches Mathematiques ) will emphasize new model structures and new mathematical problems that are motivated by contemporary developments in business and technology, with particular emphasis on data networks and electronic business. We expect to have talks on other application areas too, like manufacturing and supply chain management, and on mathematical methods for stochastic network analysis.  There will be invited talks over a six-day period (Monday through Saturday), with plenty of time in the interstices for informal discussion. For queries, please contact Peter Glynn