Who We Are

STOP 2011-2012 Board of Directors

Executive Director

Lily grew up in a small Pittsburgh suburb, and she is currently a senior interested in urban education, health care, and community service.

Community Outreach

Jenny is from North Carolina and attended a boarding school in Massachusetts for high school. Although she loves the weather here in the west coast, the color and landscape of California reminds her of a granola bar. She's really excited to be a part of STOP as a director and is looking forward to this year.

Pearle Lun is a sophomore majoring in History and Anthropology. Hailing from Los Angeles, her hobbies include eating and sleeping. She is excited to be working with STOP to promote greater awareness of the issues and to engage in community service with a group of committed people.

Financial Manager

Event Programming

As an aspiring journalist, Leslie Nguyen-Okwu is an avid student reporter, newspaper junkie, and documentary enthusiast. At Stanford, she hopes to combine her passion for documentary journalism and social justice by majoring in International Relations and Communications. In addition, she's interested in a wide array of topics including human rights, women empowerment, LGBT issues, mixed race studies, education, and urban poverty. She spends her free time running long distance. Challenge her to race a mile. I dare you to.


Brian is a freshman from Southern California, who is interested in health care, community service, and ultimately, wants to pursue a career in medicine. He also loves swimming, especially in the rain.

Parabal is a freshman from India. He is interested in Public Policy and Computer Science, and ultimately wants to pursue a career in Politics. He is really excited to be a STOP director and hopes to make a meaningful difference in other people’s lives. He enjoys playing chess and tennis.

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