We're seeking stories that can be told out loud for broadcast, podcast, and live performance. Stories can be any genre and any subject, as long as they involve a transformation (of you, a character, a place, etc.) and offer an insight that we can relate to. We'll consider stories at any stage of production, even if all you have is an idea. A couple paragraphs can be just as good as a fully fleshed-out story.

Submission is open to all members of the Stanford community, including students, alumni, faculty, staff, and fellows.

We're currently extra excited about stories that relate to the themes of TEACHING, LOSING, SECRET-KEEPING, FIGHTING, and NAMING. Also excited about other stories.

Email submissions to storytelling@stanford.edu, and include the words STORY SUBMISSION in the subject line.

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Not Sure What to Submit?

Check these stories out for inspiration:

Stanford student Dong-Nghi Huyn started out with an audio story about her aunt, which she'd made in a creative writing class. It became one of the most beautiful ghost stories we've ever heard: “The Possession of Chi,” by Dong-Nghi Huyn.

Stanford student Raj Bhandari was interested in the social, personal, and medical effects of genetic mapping. Many interviews later, he had this story: “The Human Map,” produced by Raj Bhandari and Jonah Willihnganz.

Stanford student Poncie Rutch interviewed Jones Lecturer Dana Kletter about her father's secret life, and it became this harrowing piece: “The Lying Lesson,” produced by Poncie Rutsch, featuring Dana Kletter.

Did you produce a story as part of a class?

If so, please indicate your year and the name/instructor of the class that you were in when you made the piece.

What Happens Next?

Our staff will review your submission and get back to you within two weeks. If we accept your story, we'll usually ask you to work on refining it with one of our producers.