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SUMO Speaker Series


October 1 Professor Brian Conrad Fermat's Last Theorem and Elliptic Curves
October 8 Professor Ravi Vakil The Mathematics of Doodling
October 15 Professor Mehran Sahami (CS) Harnessing the World Wide Web to Measure Textual Similarity
October 29 Jonathan Wise Finding the Roots of Polynomials
November 5 Simon Rubinstein-Salzedo Combinatorial Games
November 12 Professor Akshay Venkatesh What is a Class Number Formula?
November 19 Sam Payne Bidding Games
December 3 Professor Benedict Gross (Harvard) Extending n!
January 14 Professor Brian Conrad Can a random Rubik's cube be solved?
January 21 Professor Persi Diaconis Loves me, loves me not
January 28 Professor Rafe Mazzeo Spectral Geometry
February 4 Renzo Cavalieri (MSRI, Berkeley) Where parallel lines meet
February 11 Professor Denis Trotabas Equidistribution of arithmetic points on the unit sphere
February 18 Professor Robert Finn Capillary Surfaces
Febrary 25 Professor Soren Galatius Real numbers, complex numbers, then what?
March 4 Professor Richard Schoen Deforming complicated plane curves to simple ones
March 11 Zack Geballe (Berkeley) The 32 symmetries of crystal lattices
April 8 Professor Ralph Cohen Knots, Links, and Braids
April 15 Professor Joseph Keller Mathematics of Sports and Games
April 22 Joe Rabinoff Quaternions in Everyday Life
April 29 Brandon Levin What's the Deal with -163?
May 6 Professor Stephen DeBacker (U. Michigan) The Seven Color Theorem
May 13 Professor Andras Vasy Generalized Functions
May 20 Professor Steven Kerckhoff Polygonal Billiards
May 27 Professor Gautam Iyer Who Wants to be a Millionaire (the really hard math version)

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