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SUMO Speaker Series


·· Fall 2009 ··
September 23 Professor Brian Conrad Constructing a regular 17-gon
September 30 Professor John Stillwell (USF) From perspective drawing to the eighth dimension
October 7 Professor Marty Weissman (UC Santa Cruz) A well-rounded discussion of spheres
October 14 Professor Andrew Snowden A few cellular automata
October 21 Professor Samuel Lisi Three centuries of the 3-body problem
October 28 Simon Rubinstein-Salzedo Integer Partitions
November 4 Professor Thomas Banchoff (Brown) The Two-Piece Property
November 11 Rebecca Bellovin Public-key cryptography, blind signatures, and digital cash
November 18 Professor Melanie Wood Ramsey Theory: Amongst enough chaos, can we find order?
December 2 Professor Jacob Lurie (Harvard) Combinatorial Game Theory

·· Winter 2010 ··
January 6 Professor Brian Conrad p-adic numbers: theory and applications
January 13 Professor Ilya Spitkovsky (William and Mary) Factorization for matrix-valued functions
January 20 Professor Karen Vogtmann (Cornell) Symmetries, ping-pong and outer space
January 27 Professor Ravi Vakil Murphy's Law in Geometry
February 3 Sam Lichtenstein Borromean rings and Brunnian links
February 10 Professor Greg Brumfiel Dessins d'enfants and complex rational functions
February 17 Professor Gunnar Carlsson Topology and data
February 24 Maksym Radziwill Every integer > 1 is a sum of at most a million primes
March 3 Robin Koytcheff Finite-type knot invariants
March 10 Professor Joan Licata Hyperbolic Space

·· Spring 2010 ··
March 31 Professor Anthony Licata What is an ADE classification?
April 7 Professor Ralph Cohen The art of chopping up manifolds and gluing them back together
April 14 Dr. Rick Sommer Computing remarkably large integers from infinite cardinals
April 21 Amy Pang The Art Gallery Problem
April 28 Bob Hough The Erdos-Kac Theorem
May 5 Professor Soren Galatius Simplicial Complexes
May 12 Professor Akshay Venkatesh The Circumference of an Ellipse
May 19 Henry Adams Coverage Problems in Sensor Networks
May 26 Jeff Danciger Earthquakes on Surfaces
June 2 Professor Maryam Mirzakhani Billiards in rational polygons

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