Introducing Superfly 2013!

On November 15, 2012, we announced our 2013 roster.
The following 9 rookies:
    Kristen Stipanov
    Veronica Cruz
    Monisha White
    Ellen Rim
    Taylor Martin
    Allie Wahrenberger
    Maya White
    Cassie Ludwig
    Christina Li

Will join the following vets:
    Michela Meister
    Hilary Vance
    Allison Fink
    Steph Lim
    Halsey Hoster
    Jennifer Thompson
    Annee Rempel
    Jennie Lummis
    Steff Brenman

We can't wait for the new season!

8 of 10 vets (Shooting Starr counts!) about to roll out our 9 rookies.