Useful links

About us: - The easiest way to link to our current website
Our Twitter - SuperflyUlti
Our Facebook Page - Stanford Superfly
Our old website - Last updated in 2009-10.
Stanford Daily Coverage - News articles by our school newspaper

General ultimate stuff / blogs:

USA Ultimate - Our governing body.
RSD - It used to be a spam-filled usenet group. Now it is a well-trolled message board.
FFinder - Find frisbee ANYWHERE!!!
The Huddle - No longer updated, but there's a lot of great stuff here.
Sky'd Magazine - Is this really run by college players? It's so good.
Disc Videos - Best distraction ever.
Without Limits - A collaborative effort to foster the growth of women's ultimate.
Win the Fields - Oregon coach Lou Burruss's blog.
Maddog in the Fog - Anna Nazarov's blog.

Other college teams, vaguely organized by region:

Stanford Men's Ultimate - We're friends with them sometimes. Rarely. But we NEVER date them.
California Pie Queens
UCSB Burning Skirts
USC Hellions of Troy
Oregon Fugue
Washington Element
UBC Thunderbirds
UNC Pleiades
UVA Hydra
Penn State ISIS
Tufts Elephant Women
Wisconsin Bella Donna
Texas Women's Ultimate
Iowa Saucy Nancy
Michigan Flywheel
Carleton Syzygy

Local club teams:

Polar Bears