Stanford Women's Ultimate Leadership 2015-16!

We're thrilled to announce these amazing people as our coaches and captains for the upcoming year. Drum roll, please.

Superfly Coaches

Robin Knowler and Jenny Wang are returning to coach this year. Our third coach is former Superfly Steph (Slim) Lim, who will be stepping up to fill the void left by the wonderful Jamie Nuwer (Much love! Come visit!).

Superfly Captains

Helping out the coaches and ensuring that we look good on the field (#teamhairsalon) will be the senior twinsies, Monisha White and Veronica Cruz.

B Team Coaches

This year, our B Team (stay tuned for their official fly name) will be coached by Michael Lipman and Melanie Craxton!

B Team Captain

Last but not least, please welcome returning B Team Captain, Luna (Sparta) Frank-Fischer!

If you have any questions for these lovely leaders, feel free to contact them!

Join Stanford Women's Ultimate!

Welcome to and welcome back to Stanford! Whether you are an incoming freshman, an incoming grad student, or currently at Stanford, we want you to play for us!

A lot of high school and undergrad athletes feel that their days of playing competitive sports have to end when they start college or grad school. Join Women's Ultimate to find a team that is:


Stanford has won 7 national championships since 1997. In 2015, Stanford was Southwest Regional Champions and placed second at College National Championships.


From sprint practices to gym workouts, our team works hard on our fitness during and outside of practice.


We host numerous social events, from theme parties to weekly hangouts at Treehouse with the men's team.

An amazing community

By joining Women's Ultimate, you'll find great friends and teammates, as well as become a part of a long history of Stanford ultimate players.

If you'd like to know more, check out our FAQ. We'd love to see you out for practices in the fall!



Superfly Gon' Give it to Ya

This weekend, Superfly is going to be kicking off our postseason with Conference Championships.
Check us out!

And don't forget that you can follow our adventures on our twitter and the schedule!

Superfly takes on the Northwest Challenge

Tomorrow, Superfly travels up to Seattle for the Northwest Challenge. This tournament is a great chance to play games with several top women's teams from around the country that we haven't faced yet.

Here's the schedule, and you can keep an eye on the action with our twitter!

Superfly finishes 2nd at the Stanford Invite

This past weekend, Superfly hosted the Stanford Invitational in Fremont. Using our legs, deep roster, and refined plays, we performed well throughout Saturday's pool play and showed up before the sun (daylight savings!) to battle it out in Sunday's bracket.

We took on Colorado Kali in the fog, then played UCLA in the semifinals, staying gritty and winning on double game point. In the finals, we played Oregon Fugue in a repeat of the President's Day Invite final. We battled it out all the way to the final point, when Fugue laid out for the score to win, 15-14.

Here is Ultiworld's recap of the finals game.

Believe in the green light!