Summer Extended (for the purposes of our summer blogging contests)

September 12, 2011 3:00 pm

Most current stories about changing seasonal patterns have to do with the effects of climate change.  But not this one.

We’d like to announce an extension for our three summer blogging contests sponsored by the Woods Institute for the Environment .  Submissions will be accepted until Sunday, September 30th and by entering you’ll get a chance to win $100.

So, you’ve still got plenty of time to write and submit.  We have three categories (click to learn more) which taken together cover quite a lot of territory:

1)      Everyday Nature

2)      Summer Reading

3)      Research Making a Difference

Please consider reflecting on your summer experiences, whether they involved lazing at the beach, conducting research, catching up on reading, or some combination.  Put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard.  We look forward to reading about your summer!

We’ve already had some great entries, which we encourage you to read and vote for your favorites.

Everyday Nature

Summer Reading

Research Making a Difference

Thanks for writing and reading.