Happenings at Jasper Ridge Biological Reserve
By Mark Feldman. Mark is the director of SUSS and this blog.

October 21, 2011 10:00 am

Two interesting pieces of Jasper Ridge news surfaced recently and together they make an interesting pair.

First, Scientists have long known that mountain lions frequent Jasper Ridge, a research preserve in Stanford’s backyard, but thanks to a network of cameras installed in September 2009 they have been able to record their movements (mostly at night).  You can read more and watch a video here.

Second, Ann Carlson was recently selected as the first visiting artist to Jasper Ridge.  Carlson is an accomplished choreographer whose work often deals with nature and animals and frequently is staged in untraditional settings.  Carlson will be in residence during winter quarter and stage dances based on historical photos of Jasper Ridge.  You can read more here.