Additional Goodies for TAs

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TA Library

There is a small library of CS textbooks located in Claire Stager's office (Gates 182) which are available for borrowing by TAs. Texts are to be returned at the end of the quarter.

Make sure to borrow the textbook for the class if you don't have it. If it is not in the library, the department will probably buy a copy for you.

Labels for grading

If there are several graders that each grade a few questions, it is very useful to record on the first page of the homework the number of points on each question. This allows to quickly know what has been graded and what has not on each homework.

You can download the Latex source, adapt it to your needs, and print a master copy. Then use a Xerox to make as many copies as you like on 1"x4" (20 per page) Avery label sheets. You may find label sheets at the bookstore (you will get reimbursed for the cost), although we hope to have a standard place to make it available in the department.

Here is an example of a label sheet.

In the future, we will have box here in which you enter the number of questions and the number of points per question, and an appropriate postscript file will be generated for you. Would you like to write this script?

(Contributed by Michael Goldwasser.)

TA evaluation sheet

The School of Engineering is considering the creation of a standard TA evaluation sheet. In the meanwhile, if you would like to get feedback on your performance and advice from the students on how to improve, feel free to use this evaluation sheet (or modify it from the Latex source).

If you hold weekly sections, the last section of the quarter might be a good time to distribute them. Otherwise, arrange with the instructor at the end of the quarter to have them distributed at the same time as the instructor evaluation form.

Also, you may want to provide an online (anonymous) feedback form. For instance, look at the one for cs248 (Don't make a direct link to this page of course, and when you copy it, DON'T FORGET to edit the name of the person that receives the mail). It was proven useful in cs248 in the long Winter of 1996.