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Come see what SVSA has been up to lately! Whether it's our latest core retreat, community outing, cultural event, or even our latest expedition to food, we'll keep you up to date here!

What's New?

Frosh Intern Recruitement!

Freshmen! Want to get involved with us? Check out our Frosh Intern Application! Become a core member and help us put on the amazing events that we hold every year. You'll get to see how SVSA works at every level, and work with other interns as well as the current core!

Apply Here!

Faces of SVSA

Everyone is welcome to be a part of our SVSA family! Come get to know our community a little better by checking out our committee pages! Who knows, you might learn something you didn't expect from these...

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Want to get in touch with us? Use the link at right to contact our current Stanford Vietnamese Student Association co-chairs, Lillian Vu and Katherine Phan.

Please include as much information as you can so we can most effectively assist you. Thank you!