About Us

What is SVSA?

Founded in 1988, the Stanford Vietnamese Student Association (SVSA) has served as both a family and as a support network for Vietnamese students at Stanford University. SVSA members seek to share their rich cultural heritage with the Stanford campus community and foster the development of social and cultural ties with the greater Bay Area community.

How can I get involved?
Add yourself to the mailing list, and come to our meetings! We hold elections for core late spring quarter if you’d like to become even more involved with SVSA. We also have many schedule-friendly events throughout the year. Since we’re students too, we arrange the dates for our events around those pesky midterms and finals.

How do I become an officer?
Be involved throughout the year to show that you’re truly interested in helping build SVSA. We hold elections late spring quarter and send out an e-mail about it to the general and core mailing list. We have many positions available and have a history of tailoring positions to your interests.

What kind of events does SVSA hold?
We do many on-campus and off-campus events. We have a Pho Night (a really popular event), a spring bonfire, core retreats, an annual Lunar New Year festival, an annual Culture Night. We also collaborate with other student groups.

Do you have a mailing list?
Yes. You can subscribe or unsubscribe here.

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