Chemical Abstracts Service, 1993. Reproduced for educational purposes with permission from CAS, a Division of the American Chemical Society.

The Chemical Abstracts Reaction Search Service, or CASREACT, database is available on STN. It contains information on reactions of organic substances, including organometallics and biomolecules. CASREACT contains single- and multi-step reaction information for reactants, products, reagents, solvents, and catalysis. The source for CASREACT is the Chemical Abstracts (CA) Organic Sections (21–34). Structure-based reaction queries, functional groups, CAS Registry Numbers, textual reaction information, yields, bibliographic information, substance and subject indexing, and abstracts of the original CA file records are searchable.

CASREACT covers journal articles from 1985 to the present and patents from January 1991 to date. It covers over 1,252,000 single step reactions and over 1,850,000 multistep reactions. CASREACT is updated weekly with 600 to 1,300 new reactions in 250 to 1,000 new records.