SciFinder Scholar and web Version of SciFinder: Mac Version Info Plus Comparison Chart

Mac OS X Leopard (10.5) and SciFinder Scholar

SciFinder Scholar 2007 for Mac OS X, released in June 2007, was found to be incompatible with Apple Intel powered computers using Mac OS X Leopard (10.5), released in October 2007. A workaround is now available. This is a “quick fix” pending further development investigation, code change, and quality testing.

CAS recognizes the importance of the Mac platform to the scientific community and is actively investigating the reported problems. A change to memory initialization handling in Mac OS X Leopard (10.5) appears to be the cause of the problems reported. SciFinder developers are actively working on creating solutions.

Mac Platform for web version of SciFinder Now Supports Structure and Reaction Searching

CAS is pleased to announce that the web version of SciFinder can be accessed by faculty and students who use Macintosh. Please see the technical requirements.

Fill out the one-time registration form and then search SciFinder from any computer (must access using Stanford’s link as authentication also includes IP address). Go to Swain Database page.

Comparison Chart Between SciFinder Scholar & web version of SciFinderDisplay

Tan color = Key feature

Function SciFinder Scholar web version of SciFinder
System Info
Software Installation of client software required web browser based, Java 1.6 and JavaScript required
Authentication IP-based + site profile IP-based + personal account
Number concurrent users @ Stanford Total of 8 — divided between SFS and web version of SF Total of 8 — divided between SFS and web version of SF
Idle timeout 10 minutes 10 minutes
Supported operating systems Windows, Mac OS X Windows, Mac OS X
Navigation / Performance
Navigation Forward – backward, no display of current position Breadcrumb navigation displaying current position
Number of task steps More Less: search form and filters combined
Performance Reference searches normal Reference searches fast
Structure and reaction searches normal Structure and reaction searches slow
Alerts / Browse TOC
Set up Alerts (“Keep me posted”) No Yes
Browse Journal TOC Yes (but omits ASAP articles) No
Search / Analyze / Combine / Duplicate Removal
Search: Bibliographic Data Yes Yes
Search: Structures, Substructures and Reactions reaction searches: stereochemistry turned off reaction searches: stereochemistry turned off
Analyze results Yes, in steps Yes, live, faster
Refine Yes Yes
Categorize Reference Answer Sets Yes No
Combine Answer Sets Yes No
Duplicate removal (CA, MEDLINE) Yes No
Search history Yes Yes
Display / Export / Link to Full-Text
Display: Display of Search Results All results on one page; loading & scrolling delayed All results split on many pages, 20 references per page
Display: Brief Display for References Bibliographic data in Standard View, bibliographic data plus Abstract in Summary View Bibliographic data plus partial abstract
Display: Full Display for References Clearly arranged
Display: Brief Display for Compounds Clearly arranged
Display: Full Display for Compounds Clearly arranged, physical properties well arranged
Compounds with large molecular weight in multiple screens Compounds with large molecular weight in multiple screens
Display: Regulated Chemicals Data (CHEMLIST) Available for Compounds Yes No
Export Yes Yes
Export formats Answer Keys .txt Answer Key Exchange .akx
SciFinder Saved Answers Portable Document Format .pdf
Plain ASCII .txt Answer Keys .txt
Quoted Format .txt Quoted Format .txt
Rich Text Format .rtf Tagged Format .txt
Tagged Format .txt
Export of commercial supplier data into Excel Yes No
Links to full-text (articles, patents) Yes Yes

Source: Rearranged, highlighted, and slightly modified version of Comparison Chart compiled by Martin Braendle, ETH Zurich.

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