Stanford University Libraries

STN Basic Commands

All STN files, including Chemical Abstracts Online, are searched using the same command language. The commands used most frequently are listed below. See the STN Guide to Commands lists for a complete list of command information.

Command Abbreviation Function Example
FILE FIL Enter an STN database fil ca
EXPAND E View search term and its neighbors in an index e smith, j/au
SEARCH S Search terms s organometallic
DISPLAY D Display answers online d L1 cbib 1-10
HELP ? Online help help messages
LOGOFF LOG Y Disconnect from STN log y

Use the full or novice form of a command to receive prompts from STN. Use the abbreviated or expert form of a command for speed, and to take system defaults. You can switch from using the novice form to expert form of the command language at any system prompt.

Examples Using DISPLAY Command

Below is an example using the novice form of the DISPLAY command. Enter a period to use a default option.

Using Novice form of DISPLAY command:
=>Enter (L1), L#, or ?: L1
=>Enter display format (bib): .
=>Enter answer number or range (1): 1-10

Using Expert form of DISPLAY command:
=>D L1 1-10