Chemists in the Library

National Chemistry Week: Resources

October 19–25, 2003

Earth’s Atmosphere and Beyond!

The Chemists in the Library Working Group has compiled these electronic and print resources for further exploration of the theme of National Chemistry Week: Earth’s Atmosphere and Beyond!. The resources have been classified by grade level and annotated.

Subject Areas

Composition of Earth’s Atmosphere
What the atmosphere is made of, how it came to be that way, and how it could change in the future.
The forces behind weather and how to forecast it. Also a special section on storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes.
Ozone Hole
The history of the ozone hole and how ozone depletion affects us.
Global Warming and Climate Change
How scientists measure global warming, what may be causing it, and its impact.
Extraterrestrial Atmospheres — Mars
All about the planet next door and the Mars Rover missions.
The History of Flight
The Wright Brothers, how airplanes have changed over the years, and the principles behind flight.
Alphabetical list of selected resources as PDF files. More items are included on the web site.

More Information

Reference Shelf
Sources of basic reference information.
How to Find More in Your Library
Find other interesting books by searching your library’s catalog or by browsing certain call numbers in your library’s stacks.
How to Find More on the Web
Find other interesting web sites using search engines and subject directories.