Structure searching in CAS Online using STN Express:
An introductory workshop

Batch mode searches

Sometimes a sample search report will indicate that a search query will only go to completion as a Batch job which has higher system thresholds than queries run online.

If this situation occurs, use the following steps:

  1. Enter Batch
  2. Name the job of your Batch query, ending with the suffix /b (e.g. alkaloid/b). Search will be run overnight during early morning hours.
  3. The next night, enter the Registry File and Display Saved Searches. (e.g. fil reg; d saved)
  4. Your batch search job should be listed with the letter A at the end of it. The A stands for “answer.” You must activate your saved search in order to use it (e.g. activate alkaloid/a).
  5. After activating a search, you now have an L# you can use to display results, search in the CA File, etc.
  6. Please delete saved files as storage charges are metered on the first day of every month for saved files.