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The James Swartz Lab • 443 Via Ortega • Shriram Center, Room 093 • Stanford, CA 94305

Recent news:

24 Apr 2018 Congratulations to high school intern Mallika Pajjuri who placed 3rd in the Biochemistry/Molecular Biology category of the California State Science & Engineering Fair!

15 March 2018 Julie's paper, "The exciting potential of modular nanoparticles for rapid development of highly effective vaccines", was published in Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering

24 March 2017 Congratulations to Sylvie for a successful thesis defense on improving functions of redox proteins for hydrogen production!

19 January 2017 Marcus and Maya's paper, "Virus-like particles: Next-generation nanoparticles for targeted therapeutic delivery", was published in Bioengineering & Translational Medicine

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