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 In the News

Swartz received Gaden Award at ACS Meeting (9/27/06)

Swartz Gains Professorship

Professor James Swartz-Global Climate and Energy Project

Founding Faculty

James Swartz and Nathan Lassig: Meeting of the minds: Student finds ideal setting for protein research

Featured Events at Stanford: Engineering

Outdoor Science Talks

Bio-X Interdisciplinary Initiatives Symposium - August 31, 2006


James Swartz's Students

Ph.D. Students - Undergraduate Institution

Isoken Airen - University of California, San Diego
Cem Albayrak - M.I.T.
Brad Bundy - Brigham Young University
Aaron Goerke - Baylor University
Norman Hovijitra - Purdue University
Kedar Patel - University of Mumbia
Jon Kuchenreuther - University of Wisconsin
Nathan Lassig - University of Utah
Bertrand Lui - California Institute of Technology
Pornthep Joe Meethunkij - Yale University
Phillip Smith - Brigham Young University
James Stapleton - University of California Berkeley

Deborah Stoner - University of Washington
John Welsh - Dartmouth College
Jessica Wuu - California Institute of Technology
Dennis Yancey (with Professor Robertson) - M.I.T.

Research Associate - Doctoral Institution

Junhao Yang - Nagoya University , Japan

Recent Graduates

Marcus Boyer (Merck)










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