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Prof. James Swartz

  James Swartz 

Department of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering



Professor of Chemical Engineering & Bioengineering

B.S. S. Dak. School of Mines and Technology, 1971
M.S. M.I.T., 1975
D.Sc. M.I.T., 1978


Pflizer Fellowship in Biochemical Engineering, 1976
Florasynth Fellowship, Institute of Food Technologist, 1977
Served on National Research Council Committee on Bioprocessing Engineering, 1991
Keynote Address at Inaugural Meeting of The American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineers, 1992
Inducted as Founding Fellow, The American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineers, 1993
James Van Lanen Service Award from the Division of Biochemical Technology, American Chemical Society, 1993
Keynote Address at Asia-Pacific Biochemical Engineering Conference, 1994
Keynote Address, Biotech 2000 Meeting, Seoul, Korea, 1994
Co-Chair of Biochemical Engineering X, 1997
Elected to National Academy of Engineering, 1999
Opening Keynote Lecture, 2nd International Conference Recombinant Protein Production with Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Host Cell, Cemobbio, Italy, 2002
Amgen Award, Society of Industrial Microbiology, 2005
Distinguished Alumnus Award, S.Dak. School of Mines and Technology, 2005
Gaden Award, 2006

Leland T. Edwards Professorship in the School of Engineering, 2006
Keynote Lecture, the European Soc. for Animal Cell Tech, 2007, Dresden, Germany, 2007

Opening Keynote Speaker, Recent Advances in Ferm Tech, 2007, St. Pete Beach, Florida, 2007

The James Bailey Award, Soc for Biol. Eng. (AM Inst. for Chem. Eng.), 2008

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