Welcome to SWAYWO, the annual student-run conference of the Graduate School of Education!

This year, the seventh annual SWAYWO conference will be held on Friday, May 14, 2021. The conference will run from 9 AM to 12:45 PM PDT with the welcome and keynote talk from 9 AM to 10 AM.

Due to COVID-19 impacts, the conference will be shortened and will occur online over Zoom. The whole community is still encouraged to participate!

SWAYWO stands for “So, what are you working on?” and is an annual conference designed by a group of students at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. SWAYWO provides a space for students to showcase their own work and thinking, enabling connection building within the Stanford GSE as well as with the larger Stanford community.

The conference brings together students, faculty, alumni, and affiliated community members in sharing their current work, passions, and projects. We especially encourage fruitful discussion about issues in education research.  Any Stanford community member whose work is related to education is invited to present their research, at any stage of the process.