Report To Hennessy:
Read the report we presented to President Hennessy on 4/16/07 summarizing our position, explaining our rationale, & addressing his concerns.

Our Mission:
We are working for Stanford to join the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC) and Designated Suppliers Program (DSP) so that the workers who produce our Stanford apparel do not work in sweatshops.

Through independent monitoring and a factory certification process, the WRC and DSP ensure factory conditions do not violate human rights.

In the fight for worker's rights, let's start by ensuring the the workers who produce Stanford apparel don't work in sweatshops.


Where are Stanford's Factories?
Half in US, half in 55 other countries
There are 3,460 factories in 56 countries on every continent except Antarctica producing Stanford-logo apparel. Slightly over half of these factories (1,739) are located in the United States. The next largest countries are China (521), Pakistan (167), Hong Kong (133), Korea (108), and Taiwan (100).

"Made in US" does not mean Sweat-Free
In 2000, Harvard and the University of Michigan commissioned a global study of the working conditions in factories producing university apparel.

In the United States they found:
  • Government officials and stakeholder groups report that labor law violations are common.
  • The immigration status of workers and management contribute to legal violations
  • Legal compliance and verification is viewed as more difficult because of the informal and fast-changing nature of production
  • Legal remedies are time consuming, and often beyond the reach of most workers
  • Local manufacturers have begun to organize collaborative efforts to improve conditions.
  • Government data indicate that private monitoring efforts significantly improve compliance rates.

Map of US Stanford Factory Locations
Find out where they are: click the image below to go to our interactive map of US factories.

More information:
Read the 2000 Harvard report (US report on pages 115-126)
Excel spreadsheet of Stanford Factory Locations

Stanford Joins the WRC!

8/29/07 - Yesterday, the WRC received Stanford's official letter of affiliation. Stanford is now one of 175 colleges affiliated with the WRC, and is listed on their affiliate school page. This means that the mission of the sweat-free campaign is half-accomplished. Stanford is now engaged in monitoring of work place conditions in factories producing Stanford apparel.

5/29/07 - Five months after the Sweat-Free Stanford Coalition began meeting with Hennessy and five years after an athlete petition called on Stanford to join the WRC, Hennessy has taken the first step towards making Stanford apparel sweat-free by announcing that Stanford will join the WRC and FLA. One week after the sit-in, Hennessy has taken some long overdue action on this crucial issue.

Read our response to Hennessy's economic criticisms of the DSP in the report we presented to him on April 16.

We believe that this is just the first step, and we will continue to push for better enforcement through joining the DSP. This issue has been raised on Stanford for many years, but thanks to the effort of the campaign to make this issue a priority, Stanford is finally taking action!

11 Students Arrested May 22, 2007
Watch a video of the rally and sit-in on youtube

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Eleven students walked into President Hennessy's office, which is building 10 of Main Quad, and began a sit-in at 11:30am Tuesday morning to protest Stanford's inaction on sweatshops. They were arrested at around 4:30pm, as a crowd of 60 students chanted in support of the sitters.

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