Who We Are
The Sweat-free Stanford campaign is a coalition convened by the student group Stanford Asian American Activism Committee. We are concerned with Stanford's sourcing practices. We want our clothes made in a humane fashion, by workers who are paid fair wages for their work. We are made up of a coalition of student groups and individuals.

Sweat-Free Coalition and allies on their way to the President's Office. Credit: Evan Kutter.

Endorsing groups include:

The Sweatfree campaign has also been endorsed by resolutions passed by the ASSU Undergrad Senate and Graduate Student Council.

What We Want
We fear that some of Stanford’s business practices do not reflect our values; we fear that Stanford’s current sourcing policies allow for sweatshops to produce our apparel. Apparel bearing the Stanford insignia bears the reputation of this university, and it is imperative that such symbols are manufactured and distributed with moral integrity.

There is a system already in place for Stanford to guarantee that their clothes are not made in sweatshops. Through independent monitoring, the consolidation of factories producing Stanford clothing, and a factory certification process, the Workers’ Rights Consortium (WRC) and Designated Suppliers Program (DSP) ensure that factory conditions are humane. Under this system, workers are guaranteed a living wage, the right to unionize, freedom from harassment and intimidation, and a safe working environment.

Today, 166 schools, including Harvard, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Brown, and the University of Pennsylvania, are all a part of the Workers’ Rights Consortium. 30 schools, including Columbia, Cornell, Georgetown, Duke, and the entire UC system, have taken the next step by also joining the Designated Suppliers Program. Clearly, the WRC and DSP are well-established and respected mechanisms through which we can ensure the protection of fundamental human rights in the manufacture of our apparel. As students, we ask that Stanford University take a vigorous stand against sweatshops by affiliating itself with the WRC and DSP.

The Stanford Sweatfree Campaign met its goal of joining the WRC by the end of the academic year 2006-2007. Now we are working for more effective protections against sweatshop abuses by joining the DSP.