Photos from Sweat-Free Events
Photo credit: Evan Kutter, Michael Ramm, Cynthia Liao, Stanford Daily

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Campaign Literature

  • The final report we presented to President Hennessy on April 16, summarizing the economic arguments in favor of the WRC and DSP and addressing his concerns.
  • The letter we presented to President Hennessy's office on Tuesday, Jan 22 at our first rally.
  • The op-ed that appeared in the Stanford Daily on January 23rd.

Articles About the Sweat-Free Campaign
  • 11/27 - A panel spoke at the Graduate School of Business on the role of industries and universities in improving global working conditions. Read the Stanford Daily article.
  • 11/8 - On the National Sweat-Free Day of Action, Stanford students held a rally and a documentary screening and discussion with labor economists. Read the Stanford Daily article.
  • 7/5 - The LA Times featured an article about the lack of student anti-war protests that includes a brief mention of the Stanford sit-in and a quote from Dan. The article is not entirely clear, so again for the record: the people doing the sit-in were fully clothed.
  • 6/19 - An article in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer discusses the DSP program, recent student protests for fair labor practices and mentions the Stanford sit-in.
  • 6/7 - An op-ed written by Stanford alums in support of the sweat-free campaign appeared in the Stanford Daily. Included in the article is a recent history of student activism on campus.
  • 5/31 - A brief article appeared in the Palo Alto Daily concerning Hennessy's decision to join the WRC and FLA.
  • 5/22 - As a last resort to pressure Stanford to act on this urgent human right's issue, 11 students were arrested after holding a sit-in at the President's Office for 5 hours. View photos from the day. Articles about the rally, sit-in and arrests appeared in:
  • 5/17 - Tired of the administration's stalling, over 40 members of the Stanford Sweat-Free Coalition stormed the bookstore in order to air out the administration's dirty laundry. An article about the action appeared in the Palo Alto Online. Watch the video on youtube!

    The coalition airs out the administration's dirty laundry

  • 5/9 - A picture from our panel appeared on the Stanford Daily. It features Lupe Hernandez, a garment worker from LA, discussing the causes and solutions to sweatshops.
  • 5/7 - Today's Daily has a front page article describing the disagreement in negotiations between the administration and Sweat-Free concerning which approach to take in making Stanford sweatfree.
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