Chen Style Tai Chi Set

  1. Preparing Form
  2. Buddha's Warrior Attendant Pounds Mortar
  3. Lazy about Tying Coat
  4. White Crane Spreads its Wings
  5. Hook and Right Palm Strikes
  6. Knee lift Double Palm Push
  7. Wade Forward, Open Palm Strike to Both Sides
  8. Fist of Covering Hand & Arm
  9. Double Push Hand
  10. Punch At Elbow
  11. Three Steps Back
  12. Change Palms Three Times
  13. Part the Wild Horse's Mane
  14. Standing on One Leg
  15. Double Palm Push to The Right Side
  16. Single Whip
  17. Cloud Hands
  18. High Pat On Horse
  19. Kick with Right & Left Leg
  20. Kick With Right Heel
  21. Lean With Back, Elbow Strike
  22. Green Dragon Goes Out of Water
  23. Monkey Offering Fruit
  24. Palm Push to The Left
  25. Single Whip
  26. Double Leg Stump
  27. Jump Turn and Palm Strike
  28. Back Fist Strike
  29. The Dragon On the Ground, Drop Stance
  30. Step Forward With Seven Stars, Cross Block
  31. Step Back and Mount The Tiger
  32. Turn Body and Wave Lotus Kick
  33. Cannon Fist
  34. Buddha's Warrior Attendant Pounds Mortar
  35. Closing Form

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