Practicing Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Practice for beginners includes:

A. Basic Stretching
Stretching should be practice daily for 10 to 15 minutes each time.

B. Stances
The primary stances in Tai Chi are Horse Stance (parallel stance), Bow and Arrow Stance (Side Stance), Empty Stance (Front foot on heel and Front foot on toes), Drop Stance, and Single Leg Stance. They are practiced to build leg strength and balance. Initially, try to hold the stances for 30 seconds; as you continue to practice, slowly increase the time to 3 minutes for each of the difference stances.

C. Punches
Straight punch, and Double Strike punches. Practice each punch 10 to 20 times and gradually increase to 50 times.

D. Palm Pushes
Single Palm Push and Double Palm Push. Practice same as punches.

E. Kicking
Toe Kick and Heel Kick (kicks do not go above the waist line). Practice kicking 10 to 20 times with each leg for each kick.

F. Single Movement Practice
Learn each movement and practice until it becomes natural and fluid; then learn another movement. There is an old Chinese Martial Art saying: "Practice a thousand times then the body movement will become natural". If you want to excel, practice is the only way.

G. Form
After learning the individual movements, learn the complete Tai Chi Form and practice it until all movements link together smoothly. Practice each form two to five times every day.

H. Simple Breathing
Breathing should be slow and deep. Practice breathing with movements and also within the Form.

I. Push-Hand
Push-Hand practice is a two person practice to refine the Tai Chi form. Begin with single hand pushing and then learn the two hand pushing. Push-Hand will help develop arm strength and increase stamina. Beginners will gain a better understanding of their balance after practicing push hand for a period of time.

Advanced Tai Chi Practice:

1. Advanced Tai Chi Students will also learn the Tai Chi weapons which include the Tai Chi Sword, Tai Chi Broad Sword and Spear (Stick).
2. Practice 2-person Tai Chi weapon sets.
3. Advanced Push Hand techniques with 2 hands, stationary.
4. Advance Push Hand Technique with 2 hands, moving steps.
5. Advance Push Hand Technique with 2 hands, free style.
6. Advance Push Hand Technique with 2 hands, Competion Training.

Benefits of Practicing Tai Chi

Physical Benefits:
Improved Reflexes
Increases your performance in all activities!
Increased Strength
Boosts your energy so you feel great all day long!
Increased Flexibility
Weight Control
For better work and study habits!
Great Cardiovascular Work Out
Keeps you healthy!
Mental Benefits:
Improved Concentration
For better work and study habits!
Reduced Stress
For a longer and healthier life!
Increased Confidence and Discipline
Develops a positive attitude toward life!

To become an expert in Tai Chi you should:

1. Learn each Tai Chi style well, and practice with the best teacher you can find.
2. Research on every subject in Tai Chi.
3. Observe other people's practice and go to Tai Chi competitions to participate and to watch.
4. Lots of hard training.
5. Practice, Practice and Practice some more.

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