Practicing Wu Shu


Horse Stance
Bow Stance
Sit Stance
Drop Stance
Single Leg Stance
High Stance
Empty Stance


See Stretching Page
Center Split


Standing Punches
Horse Stance Punches
Bow Stance Punches
Cover Push
Reverse Punches
Block punch
Cover Punches
Hook Push


Push up
Sit up


Front Stretch Kick
Side Stretch Kick
Outside Crescent Kick
Inside Crescent Kick
Slap Kick
Side Kick
Round House Kick
Inside-Outside Kick
Snap Kick
Jump Front Kick
Forward Roll
Back Sweep Kick
Front Sweep Kick

Jump Kicks

Jump inside Kick
Jump outside Kick
Cart Wheel

Wu Shu Sayings:

"The fist resembles the speed of a meteor, the eyes are as quick as lighting."

"The movements of the spear is like a floating Dragon; the sword is as graceful as the Phoenix in flight; and the broad sword is like the fierce tiger."

"If you practice only the form of fist and not the basics, even if you practice until old age you still will not achieve success."

"Practice breathing to strengthen the internal organs; practice external movements to strengthen the muscles, bones and skin."

"Take years to practice the fist, months to practice the stick, and every day to practice the spear."

"The spear is the king of all weapons."

"The stick is the grandfather of weapons."

"The fist strikes 30%; the legs stike 70%."

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