Candidacy Requirements


Please note that attendance will be taken at all mandatory events, so please make sure you sign in with our officers. In order to keep track of all attendance related issues, please address all potential event absences or any attendance inquires to


There are 7 main requirements to be initiated as a member of Tau Beta Pi: 

  1. Attend an Orientation Session
  2. Complete 50 points under the points system (below)
  3. Attend a 15-minute Coffee Chat with the officers at the end of the quarter
  4. Attend the Initiation Ceremony
  5. Pay a one-time, lifetime membership fee of $65
  6. Submit your resume for the TBP Resume Book

The Points System

Each candidate is expected to complete 50 points worth of events by the end of the quarter. Each event is usually worth 10 points; the 50 points correspond to about 5 events. Details about each event will be sent out as the event nears.
Tau Beta Pi offers three major categories of events: service, social, and professional development.
  • Service events include:
    • Volunteering with MindSET, our K-12 teaching program
    • Being a peer mentor for underclassmen at Stanford
    • Volunteering for Engineering Open House during Admit Weekend at Stanford
  • Social events include:
    • Off-campus events (e.g., bowling, laser tag)
    • On-campus events (e.g., movie nights, game nights, dinners)
    • Orientation event (e.g., BBQ)
  • Professional development events include:
    • Engineering Futures, which teaches engineers important soft skills like presentation skills or group dynamics
    • Dinner series which brings in CEOs of startups for bi-weekly small group dinners
    • High-profile speakers from large companies
The main constraint for the points system is that 20 of the 50 points must be from service. The remaining 30 points can be from any of the categories.


Should you have questions about Tau Beta Pi at Stanford University or the candidacy process, contact us.