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Japan Earthquake: Status updates from Tzu Chi HQ and Japan

Hi all,

Here are some status updates from Tzu Chi HQ and Tzu Chi Japan. In the US, Tzu Chi volunteers will begin street fundraising to support the relief efforts on Sunday (March 13). Please stay tuned for how we can help!

Global Headquarters (Hualien, Taiwan)
  • An emergency command center at Tzu Chi headquarters was established on March 11 to coordinate earthquake relief efforts
  • Command center staff held a video conference with Tzu Chi's Japan branch to find out what aid was needed
  • Tzu Chi headquarters has prepared 50 tons of instant rice and 17,000 environmentally-friendly blankets to be delivered as soon as flights can take off

Tzu Chi Japan

  • Tzu Chi members distributed 500 hot meals to people stranded on Tokyo streets because of power outages and traffic jams
  • The foundation’s Tokyo branch has opened a relief center to help those affected by the biggest earthquake in the history of Japan. Located on the branch’s first floor, it began operations at 6.30 p.m. on Friday, less than four hours after the quake.
  • The center is providing people with hot food, snacks, Internet service to contact their loved ones, a place to rest and sleep, and comfort for those in shock.
  • Volunteers checked on the safety of their fellow Tzu Chi members in the affected areas. All those in Tokyo, Kanagawa and Kansai reported in safely. But it was impossible to contact those close to the epicenter of the quake, in Utsunomiya and Gunma and Yamanashi prefectures. The volunteers will continue to try to make contact with them.

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Serving Dinner at the InnVision Shelter -- December 20, 2008

Once a month, the Stanford Tzu Chings help serve a hot, nutritious dinner at the InnVision shelter in Menlo Park. We share laughs and smiles with the residents as well as food. They love our vegetables!

Distributing Food in San Jose -- December 20, 2008

Each month, we also help distribute food to low-income residents of San Jose. We welcome the residents, fill their baskets with food, and help them when their baskets overflow. In our spare moments, we enjoy a laugh with the little kids who volunteer, and debate whether watermelons are better than tomatoes.

Dumpling Night - Nov. 12, 2005

What better way to get off campus on a Saturday night than joining local Tzu Chi members for homemade dinner? A whole bunch of us drove out to Milan Shr Gu’s house in Palo Alto to hand-make dumplings (even though half of us struggled with it) and of course, eat them! We spent several hours eating, playing card games, and chatting with one another. There was wonderful piano music in the background, cute little kids running around, and short movies to remind all of us what TC was all about. It was a great way to spend some quality time with one another in a family setting. Thanks to all the Shr Gus’ for their hospitality and to everyone who joined us!

Bone Marrow Drive/Health Fair - Oct. 30, 2005

Five of us headed off to the Milpitas TC headquarters to volunteer at the Bone Marrow Drive/Health Fair for the day! Those of us who spoke Mandarin helped people fill out forms, answer questions, and guide people to the various booths, while the rest of us handed out fliers. People came for blood/cholesterol check ups, flu shots, vision tests, etc. and we all got a free pair of sunglasses! Oh and Chun Kai worked so hard that he fell asleep on the way back.

Korea House and Bowling Night - April 1, 2005

Finally, the TC members get a chance to go out, have some fun, relax and get to know each other better! We went out to an awesome dinner at Korea House and followed it up with some bowling. :)

1st Christian Church of San Jose: Breakfast food service for the homeless - Feb. 19, 2005

At 7 am on this Saturday morning, 4 Stanford Tzu Chi members managed to head over to the 1st Christian Church of San Jose to prepare and serve food for the homeless. After helping to prepare over a hundred egg, ham, and cheese biscuits, we served the biscuits, oranges, bananas, and juice to those waiting in line. Then Alice got attacked by the most adorable little kids who were climbing all over her. Thanks to those who came out at such an early hour!

San Thomas Convalescent Hospital - Jan. 15, 2005

This weekend, we visited a nursing home in San Jose, armed with instruments and ready to perform for the residents. Several solo pieces on the piano were played, as well as collaborative pieces with violin, cello, guitar, singing, and piano. After a brief recital in the main dining area, we split up into two groups and went to bedrooms, visiting and singing for the residents' enjoyment (everything from "Doe A Deer" to "You Are My Sunshine").

It turns out that the residents really enjoyed our little concert earlier that day, so we were called back to perform several more pieces! We ended our set with a group singalong (albeit slightly off-key, as most people didn't know the song) and said goodbye. Overall, it was a really fun performance experience in addition to the normal bedside visits that usually occur with a visit to the convalescent hospital.

Bone Marrow Drive - Oct. 31, 2004
Six of us (Jenn Hsiao, Peter Chau, Chun Kai Wang, Chris Wen, Jenn Chen, and Tim Liu) went to the Milpitas office to volunteer at the health fair from 11:30am to 2:00pm. Several different services were being provided: vision check up, blood pressure/blood sugar level measurements, chiropractor services, dental, etc. We were there primarily to help out at the bone marrow drive booth. Unfortunately, there weren't too many people who fit the age range we were looking for, so we made ourselves useful by handing out flyers and helping people fill out their forms.

Second Harvest Food Bank - Oct. 23, 2004
We prepared a couple hundred bags of food to distribute to families in need. Later on, we split up and some people constructed storage boxes while others put together bags of frozen corn (while trying not to catch frostbite!). It was a fun first activity to start off the year!

Stanford Activities Fair - Oct. 1, 2004
We met tons of cool people, had lots of GOOD candy, and even tried learning to juggle at this year's activities fair! We're glad to have had the opportunity to let people know about TC and we're looking forward to an exciting year!

Hot food service - May 29, 2004
We distributed hot Chinese food, lots of desserts, and drinks to people in need at a shelter in a church. We joined with adult TC members from San Jose to do this event.

Northern California TC collegiate retreat - Apr. 9-10, 2004
We had the opportunity to get to know several Tzu Chings (TC) from different chapters in Northern California, including UC Davis, UC Berkeley, and Santa Clara, and to learn what programs these other TC chapters are conducting. We also heard from TC alumni who shared their experience as well. We had a great time eating good food and connecting with other TC members.

Food Bank - Feb. 7, 2004
We went to the Second Harvest Food Bank and sorted out several barrels of food to be distributed to homeless people and to shelters.

TC Chinese School Festival - Jan. 24, 2004
We manned game booths, improved our Chinese and ate good Chinese food at a really fun event :).

Dumpling Day - Nov. 23, 2003
We met at TC member Jeanie's house and had the opportunity to meet several other TC members in the Bay area during this holiday gathering. Making dumplings was fun, and eating them was even better. Chun Kai made an enormous dumpling which he was made to eat (and which he insisted was tasty). We were given TC "parents" as well and our newly made TC families competed in a crossword competition against each other. Tim and Jenn won without cheating. We promise. :) All in all, it was great fun. Thanks to all who came out despite their busy schedules!

Homerun 2003 - Oct. 25, 2003
Thanks to all the Tzu-Chi members who woke up so early on Saturday morning to walk in support of Habitat for Humanity. Our team finished the 5K (3 mile) course together and had a great time getting to know one another. In addition, TC and friends from another group combined to donate $190 to Habitat!