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Hepatitis B Awareness Week 2011

Friday, August 12th, 2011

Stanford Team HBV is proud to report another successful Hepatitis B Awareness Week!

Monday - Visibility Day: HBAW kicked off with students stopping by the Team HBV table in White Plaza to get their free HepB Hero sunglasses.

Tuesday - Wellness Fair: Students played games and won prizes as they learned more about HBAW at Stanford's Wellness Fair.

Tuesday - Health Advocacy Beyond the Clinic.

Tuesday - Health Advocacy Beyond the Clinic: Dr. Samuel So gives a talk about how to become involved in health policy and advocacy in the community and at a global scale. Dr. So directs the Jade Ribbon Campaign, which aims to spread awareness and educate the general public about Hepatitis B and preventative measures against the disease.

Wednesday - Jade Dining Day.

Wednesday - Jade Dining Day: Students enjoyed jade frosted sugar cookies in their dining halls while learning about hepatitis B.

Thursday - Jade Day.

Thursday - Jade Day: Students across campus woke up to a special jade surprise! Nearly 1000 balloons were tied to bikes across campus with information about hepatitis B and invitations to participate in a raffle.