Stanford Team HBV

Meeting Notes

Interested in what Stanford Team HBV is up to? Check out our 2013-14 meeting cumulative minutes.

Latest meeting highlights: Sept 25, 2013.

  • Recruitment: Emily and Phuong will spearhead eflyering for recruitment. App due Sunday, October 6th. Interviews the following 4 days, rollouts on the 11th.
  • Community outreach: Maya, Linda & Maheetha will finalize community project(s) for the quarter by next week. Core members can help out after that!
  • Campus outreach: Lina and Jeffrey will work on planning collegiate conference.
  • Food and funding: Connie Z will look into whether TSF can fund food for next info session. And whether we can get food for retreats
  • Next meeting is an info session (frosh might attend) and time is changed to 8-9p. Room is changed to ou 201.