We’d like to express our gratitude to the following individuals for their kind sharing of expertise and for making our experience during this seminar so wonderful:

Dr. Elaine Treharne, Stanford University
Matt Aiello, Stanford University
Dr. Jayne Carroll, University of Nottingham
Dr. John Baker, University of Nottingham
Dr. Christina Lee, University of Nottingham
Dr. Ellie Rye, University of Nottingham
Dr. Stuart Brookes, University College London
Dr. Claire Breay, The British Library

We’d also like to thank Cassidy Croci & Jessica Treacher from the University of Nottingham for our tour of Sherwood Forest and to thank the wonderful tour guides at Ely Cathedral, Peterborough Cathedral, the Nottingham caves, & Sutton Hoo, as well as the bus drivers who drove us there.