The One. The Only. Stanford Kappa Alpha Thetas.
Founded at Stanford in 1892, Phi Deuteron has maintained its commitment to extracurricular, philanthropic, and academic excellence over the past century. A diverse, fun group of girls who are always down to rally, Stanford Thetas are involved all over campus participating in Varsity Sports, Performing Arts, Publications, Student Government, and Community Service groups (to name just a few!). They love to get involved, and support the efforts of their fellow Thetas. They fully invest themselves in their academics: Hum Bio study groups call the Theta Kitchen their home, and you can count on a Theta to deliver a forgotten book, or snack pack to Green library. They're accomplishing amazing things abroad from Oxford to Australia. And when the days work is done, Thetas will always call 585 Cowell Lane their home at Stanford.

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