Rob Podesva

Rob is an Associate Professor in Linguistics and the Director of the Interactional Sociophonetics Lab. His research examines how embodied practices imbue sociophonetic variation (particularly voice quality and vowel quality) with affective meaning, which in turn serves as a resource for constructing identities like gender, sexuality, and race.

Lily Clifford

Lily is a PhD student in Linguistics interested in interdisciplinary approaches to social interaction, with a primary interest in the field of sociophonetics. Some of her previous work has aimed to bring queer theory into productive tension with sociolinguistics in an attempt to broaden the scope of traditional study.

Daisy Leigh

Daisy is a fourth-year Linguistics PhD student working on questions at the intersection of psycholinguistics and sociolinguistics, such as how cognitive and social factors allow listeners to understand multiple linguistic variants as ‘style’ in interaction.

Rob Voigt

Rob's research aims to apply computational methodologies to understand interaction and social meaning. He is particularly interested in questions of prejudice, implicit bias, and intergroup dynamics, where computational methods allow us to aggregate and quantify subtle social signals in order to better understand the linguistic mechanisms of these social phenomena.

Rob Xu

Rob's interests lie in sociophonetics and linguistic anthropology. He studies the stylistic practices of language use in a broad cultural/semiotic landscape, and explores social meanings and their associated phonetic realizations and cognitive processes. His dissertation examines the spatial-temporal contexts of social interactions cued by speech variation in production and perception.