The Living Room

The Living Room is our state-of-the-art recording facility, with the acoustical specifications of a sound-proof recording booth. True to its name, the Living Room is outfitted with a sofa, two sitting chairs, bookshelves and a large flatscreen monitor. Recording equipment includes 4 wireless microphones and 5 video cameras, positioned to capture a variety of speaker configurations and angles.

The Observation Deck

Interactions recorded in The Living Room are recorded onto a workstation in an adjacent room, The Observation Deck, where recording sessions can be monitored and analyzed.

The VoCal Locale

Data for the the Voices of California Project - a Stanford Department of Linguistics effort to document the diversity of dialects across the state of California - is stored and analyzed in the VoCal Locale. The space also houses recording equipment for our large team of fieldworkers (Zoom H2N recorders and Audio Technica Pro70 microphones).

The Art Studio

The Art Studio is our articulatory phonetics lab space with sound-attenuated walls. It is equipped with an electroglottograph (EGG), a noninvasive method for measuring glottal closure, as well as a pneumotachograph, which measures airflow and pressure through the oral and nasal cavities of the vocal tract. These tools enable us to examine the ways that different voice qualities – such as non-modal phonation and nasality – are used by speakers to convey sociolinguistic information.