Final Project: Workshop/performance, TAE and Nic Reiner

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Nic Reiner and TAE
Nic Reiner

My gaze strangely snakelike—I look
at her: a power unmatched by the hungry
lion and the brother of the rape victim.
Tonight I only see her from far away.
I am ravenous. I am overtaken.
I search for her but see nothing but the trees.

They surround me now like sentries,
stern, immutable and I saw one that looked
like her, the branches sway like they’ve been taken
out to a dance. I shall dance with her, hungry
for her, afraid her brother will look my way—
entrap me as a viper does its victim.

His tongue and snakeskin convict him. ¬
I dash towards her amid the hidden trees
where we enmesh on the forest floor away
from the noise. Explore each other, try to look
into each other’s eyes, satisfy hunger
for an escape, to be thieves, to be taken.

She who bore me has not taken
my heart like this, captured me as her victim.
I rise in the morning, keen to my hunger--
see plantains and pomegranates coat the trees;
keen to my desire to pluck her sweet fruit—look
at her unfurl, shift her feet, and sprint away!

She slides down tree trunks in a way
much like her descent from a people taken
from the land of their fathers and left to look
upon the place, destroyed. Is she a victim--
she who rose from the dirt, climbed the barren trees?
My heart stills; see, I wonder why she hungers.

My heart takes root in her—I hung her
over my arms, never let her run away.
We embrace and she guides me to her own trees
her Garden of Eden, untouched, untaken.
I’ll enter in joy, blessed to be a victim
of her love, impaled by her rapturous look.

I send away to her my song of the trees.
She’ll look to the wind, a victim of hunger,
sated by the song, taken, lifted by the breeze.