Techie Tip of the Week: Yahoo! Usernames and Passwords Exposed – What to do

You may have heard that hackers recently exposed thousands of credentials for users of Yahoo! Voice.

What can you do to ensure you’re not one of them? Sucuri Malware Labs has set up a web site that checks to see if your account was one of those that were hacked:

  1.  Go to the Sucuri Malware Labs Yahoo Leak Password Checker website:
  2. In the Your email field, enter your email address (note that you can sign into Yahoo! Voice using other email addresses, so you may want to check all of your email addresses, not just your Yahoo! account).
  3. Click Check email.

Hopefully your account wasn’t one of the nearly half million accounts that were leaked. But if it is, what should you do? As Sucuri notes in their blog posting “What Should I Do If My Email is in the Yahoo Leak”:

  1. Immediately change your Yahoo password.
  2. Change the password of any account that was using the Yahoo password.
  3. If you use Yahoo! Voice, you should change your password even if your account isn’t on the list of compromised accounts. When security has been breached on a secured site like Yahoo!, you should assume that all of the data are compromised, not just those that have been shown to be exposed.
For an analysis of the leak, including an analysis of the passwords people had been using, visit Sucuri’s analysis:

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