Techie Tip of the Week: Future-date Your Page’s Facebook Posts

Did you know that if your organization has a Facebook page that you can create a post in Facebook but have it delivered at a future date and time?

This can be quite useful if you have many items you wish to talk about on your Page, but want to spread them out over a period of time.

Facebook lets you schedule a post up to 6 months in advance in 10-minute intervals. You can even post-date a post. If the desired posting date is in the past, the post will appear immediately at the appropriate place on your Page’s timeline.

To future-date or post-date a post in Facebook:

  1. Create your post, but don’t click Share.
  2. Instead, click the clock icon in the lower-left of the field.
  3. Choose the future year, month, day, hour and minute when you’d like your post to appear.
  4. Click Schedule.

If your desired posting date is in the future, Facebook will automatically post it at the appropriate date and time. If it’s in the past, it will appear in the Timeline at the appropriate spot.

For details, visit Facebook’s help page:


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