Techie Tip of the Week — Minimizing the Ribbon

Ever work in an office document and need more screen real estate to see all of your large document? Want to hide the Ribbon in one of the Office 2007/2010/2011 programs (Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Access)? Have you ever accidentally hidden it and didn’t know how you did it?

To minimize the Ribbon, you can do one of the following:

1) In Office 2007, click the Customize Access Toolbar button and then click Minimize the Ribbon.

Click the Quick Access Toolbar, and then click Minimize Ribbon

2) In Office 2010, click the Minimize the Ribbon button (the upwards-pointing button located in the upper-right corner). To restore, click the Expand the Ribbon button (the same location, but now the button is pointing downwards).

Hide Ribbon:
Minimize Ribbon button - 2010

Expand Ribbon:

3) Right-click the Ribbon, and click Minimize the Ribbon.

Right-click and select Minimize Ribbon

4) Use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+F1.

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