Techie Tip of the Week: Getting Excel Charts into PowerPoint – don’t just copy/paste!

Need to import an Excel chart into a PowerPoint Presentation? Don’t just copy and paste the chart! This can let viewers of your PPT file gain access to the data and change the way the chart looks.


  1. In Excel:
    1. Select the chart.
    2. Copy the chart (Control/Command – C).
  2. In PowerPoint:
    1. Create the slide in which you wish the chart to be displayed.
    2. Bring up the Paste Special dialog box:
      • PowerPoint 2003/2004/2008/2011
        Click Edit>Paste Special
      • PowerPoint 2007/2010
        On the Home tab, click the arrow under Paste, and select Paste Special
  3. Choose Picture.
  4. Click OK.

Now your chart will appear as just a picture, the chart won’t have the data embedded inside of it. This helps prevent viewers of your presentation from gaining access to the data and possibly manipulating the chart without your permission. Plus, it’ll make your PowerPoint file smaller in size!

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