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Techie Tip of the Week: Update and Use Anti-Virus Software! (Even Mac Users!)

Friday, May 18th, 2012

Virus rezon

Most Windows-based users know that they need to keep their computers patched and protected from viruses. But many Mac users have the mistaken impression that viruses, trojans, and other malware is just for Windows.

Not true! Macintosh machines are vulnerable to attack as well — there are just fewer malware attacks against Macs since it’s more difficult to create and deploy them.

As published in a recent article in the NY Times, one of the largest, widespread attacks against the Mac OS X operating system has recently hit Mac users, and it’s infected a half-million machines. First discovered in September, “Flashback” allows a remote hacker to gain access to your computer or download further malicious code to your Mac.

The fix? Make sure you have installed anti-virus software, and are ensuring that the tool is kept up-to-date.

Stanford has site-licensed the Sophos Anti-Virus software and Stanford people can download it for no additional charge by visiting (both Macintosh and Windows versions are available for download).

Until next week, safe travels on the ‘Net!