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Photoshop 101: Start Here

Don't have the time or funds to take the full-day Photoshop class?  Need to learn the basics of Photoshop?  Then this class is for you!  Topics include:

  • digital image basics
  • image formats
  • image manipulation,
  • digital camera and scanner usage
  • finding free artwork on the Web

Photoshop Level 1

This full-day, hands-on class introduces the leading photo editing program. Learn how to:

  • manage the interface
  • selection techniques
  • how to work with layers, filters, adjustment layers, and layer styles
  • how to work with type, brush techniques, and tools.

Special attention will be placed on photo re-touching techniques: cropping, image adjustments, red-eye tools, stamp tools, and resizing and image-type conversions.

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