Mobile Device Management

This Tech Briefing covered the university’s policy regarding mobile devices and how to protect your iOS device using Stanford’s award-winning Mobile Device Manager (MDM).

MDM allows you to quickly set up your Stanford email, calendar, and VPN. It also configures your device for the ISO’s security best practices. All of this is done in a quick (under 2 minutes!) set up that helps protect your data and protect yourself.

Mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad have become ubiquitous on campus. Mobile devices are expected to outsell traditional personal computers this year. Unfortunately, many users are unaware of their inherent security risks. Security features common on desktop and laptop computers are inconsistently applied across mobile device platforms. On a laptop, we have come to rely on anti-virus software safeguarding our system, but few mobile devices have such software. While most personal computers on campus are password-protected, few of us configure our mobile phones with a password or PIN to protect it against unauthorized use. And, since mobile devices are easily (and frequently) misplaced, the potential for unauthorized access increases.

Watch this video to learn more!

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