GPU Computing 101

This GPU Computing 101 workshop addressed topics such as why accelerated computing with GPUs is important to sustaining and advancing the state of the art in scientific and research computing, both in terms of performance and energy efficiency. The workshop surveyed the broad range of GPU accelerated applications across all domains of scientific research and engineering.

Participants learned how to program GPUs via the use of libraries, OpenACC compiler directives, and CUDA programming.  The workshop incorporated hands-on exercises so that participants could become more familiar with GPU programming techniques.

This video is especially recommended for:

  • Domain scientists to realize the power of GPU computing by taking advantage of the GPU enabled applications.
  • HPC/IT staff who want to enable scientists and developers with parallelizing compilers.
  • Developers who want hands-on experience how to program GPUs in any of their native languages (C, Fortran, Python etc).


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