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Take the Fear out of Web Accessibility: How Your Small Changes Make a Big Difference

Friday, August 15th, 2014

Do the words “web accessibility” scare you? Do you imagine a major redesign resulting in an ugly site that looks like it was built in the 1990s? If so, then this Tech Briefing video is for you.

Learn how small changes in how you create content and write code make a big difference to site visitors with and without disabilities.

Upon the conclusion of the video, you will feel confident that you have what it takes to enable all those who come to your site to find the information they need.

Accessibility at Stanford: Captioning and SCRIBE

Friday, August 16th, 2013

Did you know that Stanford now has multiple online systems for supporting document and video accessibility?

During this session, Sean Keegan from the Office of Accessible Education discussed how you can use the Stanford Captioning System to obtain a text transcript as well as time-stamped files to include into your videos as captioning.

The SCRIBE platform, and how it is available to assist you in transforming files into alternate (and accessible!) formats was also discussed. SCRIBE supports the conversion to popular mobile device formats, including ePub, Kindle (mobi), DAISY, and MP3 using high-quality voices.