Faculty and Affiliates

Atilla Aydın
Professor emeritus, Rock Fracture Project, Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences, School of Earth Sciences
Research Interests: collaborative project with the Turkish Petroleum Corporation on reservoir characterization; study of rock formations called fairy chimneys or woodoos in Cappadocia in central Turkey
Website: https://pangea.stanford.edu/people/faculty/atilla-aydin

Saadet Ebru Ergül
Lecturer in Turkish, African and Middle Eastern Languages Program
Research Interests: communicative language learning, oral proficiency assessment and technology enhanced language education
Website: https://www.stanford.edu/dept/DLCL/cgi-bin/web/people/saadet-ebru-ergul
Website on Turkish Language Courses: http://turkishlanguage.stanford.edu/

Ian Hodder
Dunlevie Family Professor, Department of Anthropology
Director, Stanford Archaeology Center
Research Interests: Excavation of the 9,000 year-old Neolithic site of Çatalhöyük in central Turkey, investigating the site’s environmental, economic and social context, conserving the paintings, plasters and mud walls, presenting the site to the public; reflexive methods in archaeology; archaeological method and theory.
Website: https://www.stanford.edu/dept/anthropology/cgi-bin/web/?q=node/109

Burcu Karahan
Lecturer in Turkish and Turkish Literature, Department of Comparative Literature
Research Interests: Ottoman and modern Turkish literatures; translations in late 19th century Turkish Literature; contemporary Turkish Cinema; 18th- and 19th-century British and French Novels; decadence, and the novel
Website: http://www.stanford.edu/dept/DLCL/cgi-bin/web/people/burcu-karahan-richardson

Burçak Keskin-Kozat
Associate Director of the Sohaib & Sara Abbasi Program in Islamic Studies and the Mediterranean Studies Forum
Research Interests: Historical Sociology, Social Movements, Gender, Nationalism/State-Formation/Secularism, Modernity/Modernization, Cold War.
Website: http://stanford.academia.edu/BurcakKeskinKozat

Bissera V. Pentcheva
Associate Professor of Art History
Research Interests: Byzantine art and architecture, Islamic art, medieval art, icons, phenomenology, light and sound in Byzantine art.
Website: https://art.stanford.edu/people/bissera-pentcheva

Aron Rodrigue
Charles Michael Professor in Jewish History and Culture
Research Interests: Modern Jewish History, History and culture of Sephardic Jews, The Jews of Modern France, Ottoman Empire
Website: http://history.stanford.edu/rodrigue_aron

Kabir Tambar
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Research Interests: Modern Turkey, nationalism, pluralism, secularism, religion, citizenship, Alevism, Islam
Website: http://www.stanford.edu/dept/anthropology/cgi-bin/web/?q=node/903

Ali Yaycıoğlu
Assistant Professor of Middle East History
Research Interests: Social and Economic History of the Ottoman Empire, modern Turkey
Website: http://history.stanford.edu/yaycioglu_ali