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New chapter highlight:

We are excited about a new chapter that is being founded in Worcester County Massachusetts. Here is a progress update from the founder and president, Evan Maranto:

We were able to identify a number of local veterans’ facilities here in central Massachusetts that have missions that are consistent with the general mission of USVH, and, supplemented with work at Boston-area VA hospitals, will form the basis of the volunteer opportunities of the chapter. We have established the chapter leadership structure and recruited the leadership team into each of the director roles, and we have created a chapter website (http://www.wusvh.org) and Facebook page in order to create, respectively, and external presence and an internal discussion forum. Colonel John Heller, a local service academy veteran, has been recruited to serve as a veteran advisor to the chapter, and we are in contact with one or two other local veterans who may be interested in advising the chapter. We have begun looking for volunteers from local schools and have begun our outreach to local groups including contact with the Boston VA hospital system and began to line up summer volunteer activities. In terms of next steps, the leadership team will be traveling into Boston to tour the city VA hospitals and evaluate volunteer opportunities. Our goal is to have our leadership team, advisors and volunteers by the end of June and to begin the work of the chapter here in Worcester.

We look forward to seeing how the chapter develops and begins to serve the local veteran population in Worcester County! Stay tuned for more news on another new chapter in Austin, TX.