Welcome to the Volkswagen Automotive Innovation Lab

The Automotive Innovation Facility houses the Volkswagen Automotive Innovation Lab (VAIL) which offers a state of the art vehicle research facility where interdisciplinary teams can work on projects that move vehicle technology forward. High-profile Stanford projects accommodated in the building comprise research on drive-by-wire and driver assistance systems research by the Dynamic Design Lab of Chris Gerdes, including Shelley, the vehicle that raced up Pikes Peak without a driver in 2010; research vehicles from the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab that use deep learning and computer vision to automate the driving process; research on the interaction of drivers with vehicles in a state-of-the-art driving simulator that was implemented in 2013; and the Stanford Solar Car Project that designs, builds and operates the vehicles competing in the World Solar Challenge in Australia. In order to improve safety, sustainability, performance, and enjoyment of automobiles, the Automotive Innovation Facility provides a place for researchers to test new ideas in real vehicles. VAIL is located towards the western end of Stanford Campus, at the corner of Stock Farm and Oak Road.


Contact & Directions
Address: 473 Oak Road, Stanford, CA 94305
Directions: Stanford Maps
Phone Conference Room: +1 (650) 498-8245 (650.498.VAIL)
Phone Lounge: +1 (650) 498-8247
Phone Computer Work Room: +1 (650) 498-8249

Registration and Training

Register VAIL Member (get access to VAIL)
1. Fill out the VAIL Access Request Form and have it signed by your PI.
2. Read the VAIL Safety and Operations Policies. Ask building management if anything is unclear.
3. Get proof of the completed safety training (STARS print-out, email confirmation or other, see detail below).
3* Non-Stanford individuals (e.g. industry partners) need to request a "basic sponsored" Stanford ID first (click here, and / or contact building management).
4. Contact building management and get registered (bring your Stanford ID).
(contact information for building management see bottom of page)

Mandatory Safety Training
- General Safety & Emergency Preparedness EHS-4200 (Axess >> STARS)
- Electrical Safety EHS-2800 (download here, get password from building management)
- PRL Safety Training (PRL Webshop)
- Additional training might be required depending on the individual needs


The VAIL Room Reservation is integrated into the Stanford Calendar System (http://webmail.stanford.edu)
Please send an email to building management to make a reservation:
- Conference Room: Automotive Innovation Facility 102 VAIL CR
- Seminar Room: Automotive Innovation Facility 103 VAIL SR
- All of VAIL: Automotive Innovation Facility VAIL

Additional Information and Links

Center for Automotive Research at Stanford
Communication Between Humans And Interactive Media Lab

Dynamic Design Lab
Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab
Stanford Solar Car Project

Please contact building management with further questions.

Building Management:
Chris Crismon, ccrismon@stanford.edu, +1 (650) 575-2739
440 Escondido Mall, Building 530 / 104, Stanford, CA 94305